Photography is all about light and all about choices.

Photographers know that the quality of the light transforms the dreary to the magical.  The flat harsh light of midday is unflattering to almost everything.  The warm light of the setting sun on the other hand makes a landscape or a face come alive.  So why choose the "best light" for the subject?  After all, both are real.

That's where choices come in.  The act of photographing inevitably induces the choice of subject and how it is portrayed.  Even journalists, whose job it is to portray "truth", must make these choices.  So as a photographer do I choose to record the beautiful or the tragic?  Is the beautiful merely artifice?  Is the tragic somehow more "real"?

I choose to photograph the beautiful.  I want to see the best that life has to offer.  Yes, we have much to learn from seeing the tragic and ugly side of life.  But there is no more reality in concentrating on the ugly than in concentrating on the beautiful.  There is value in beauty.  Life can be lovely.

I choose my subject very simply.  I photograph what I feel is the most beautiful subject in the world: the human body.  Women are inexpressibly beautiful.  Their form, their delicacy, their grace, their gentleness.  All of these things I try to capture in my photographs.

To the limited extent that my efforts succeed, I owe entirely to my subjects.  The women who have modeled for me are all remarkable, each in their own way.  I hope my photographs are tributes to their inner and outer beauty.  I further hope that the viewer might find in them a grain of the universal beauty of humanity.