I am always looking for models. You must be 18 years of age or have your parents written consent. If you are paid a fee you must also be willing to sign a model release. For most paid models I will start with a 2-3 hour session and will pay $200 for that session. Many of my models are friends and acquaintances. In those cases I generally will supply prints in exchange for modeling. I occasionally do commissioned work, that is photograph a client to their specifications. I do not charge for this work but will require at least a limited model release to allow use of some of the photographs for my personal work. Limitations on the model release are negotiable.


"Why would I want to model?"

The most beautiful women I know are all concerned about not being beautiful enough.  Standing before the camera is the ultimate in facing that fear.  Being able to see your beauty as others see you can be uplifting.  But maybe you already feel great about how you look.  Photographs allow us to preserve that beauty forever.

"I'm embarassed for my [boss, boyfriend, parents] to know I have modeled nude"

As you will notice in my pictures, the model's face is often not revealed.  Therefore your anonymity can be protected if you wish.

"How do I know I can trust you?"

Trust is a vital component in the relationship between model and photographer.  These photographs are not possible without an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.  If you don't know me (as you won't if you ask this question) I will suggest a preliminary meeting at some public place so you can ask questions and we can negotiate a fee.  If you still feel uncomfortable you can back out at any time.

"There is a particular style of photograph I want of myself.  Will you do it?"

Maybe.  I am always looking for something new to try, but I do photography to fulfill a creative need.  I do not make a living at it.  Therefore I'm free to do the things that interest me.  That being said, I often feel that working with a model is a creative interchange.  If you have ideas that you want to pursue, talk to me about it and we'll see if we can work on it together.

"I don't like my [nose, breasts, butt, ears, hair, etc.]"

No one has a perfect body.  Even the most famous models are airbrushed and computer-manipulated to hide flaws.  You are beautiful.  Trust me to show it in photographs.

"Then if you don't want to use me as a model I must be really ugly."

As I say elsewhere, I do not make a living at photography.  I don't have the time to always pursue everything I would like.  But there is indeed a type of model I'm particularly interested in.  You could be drop-dead gorgeous but I might bypass you for someone else.  In other words there are many reasons I might not use you as a model.  You are beautiful even if I don't photograph you.

"How do I get in contact with you?"

Use the email address or phone number on the contact page.

"I don't live anywhere near you. Can I still work with you?"

In some cases, travel may be possible to arrange.